Friday, June 06, 2014

The End of School Year: Not Sure Who's Happier--Mom or Kids?

Papaya and Jr had promotion from middle school last night--it's off to High School now!

I'm jussayin' I don't know who is happier about the school year coming to a close: the kids or ME?
I am sooooooo ready for summer.

Great job Meehan baminos. So proud.

XOXOX, Mom and Dad

PS: We heard from Elder Meehan
and he's doing great!

His companion's illustration of biking in Bloomington, Indiana.

Doing service.

Hoping this is pre-priming.

He and his companion holding tiny wabbits.
(The house they were at had just "rescued" them from the woods behind their home.)


Supporting the Lord's University (tee hee) even in the mission field!