Friday, July 18, 2014

Thank My Stars For Every Green (re: Aloe Blacc)

Indiana sunset. Taken by Elder Meehan on his mission.

If I'm completely honest, I've had a bit of Writer's Block this year when it comes to blogging. 

I think I'm just in a period where I look at my writing and think "how does this help others--posting my ramblings/point of view?"

I see the value of journaling. And I see the value for my family history, etc. 

But I keep thinking, "is this self-indulgent"? Do other people feel better after reading my posts OR do they feel blah? 

All this introspection isn't new to me. Since I was a small kiddo I've had these kind of existential questions about life, my purpose, my connection to other people--and my general contribution to Planet E. (I know, makes it sound like I'm deep. LOL.)

But my point!

Sometimes when I read other people's social media, I feel inspired.

And other times when I read other people's social media, I feel cranky. I may disagree with them. I may feel like my life is "less than" theirs.

I don't know! Just some thoughts.

I hope when I post, it is not to showcase my successes or failures as MY OWN. (Well, the failures, yes.)

Deep down, I know that all lives are blessed with highs and lows ... that's life.

But man, those lows are no fun in photos.

Have a beautiful weekend.

PS: For anyone who watched Survivor 23: South Pacific, I'm heading to Keith and Whitney's wedding this coming week--in Tennessee. They met on our season and have been engaged for about a year. Jim Rice (also from our tribe) and his wife will be there, too. It's going to be great to see them all--we shared such an overwhelming experience together. Wild how 7 weeks on an island can create a family bond. It's pretty incredible to me.

(c) Survivor South Pacific, Monty Brinton, 2011.


And now, some photos from the last few weeks:

Papaya got her Drivers Permit!

Jr is at Scout Camp.
(That horsehead has been to all of our summer camps. We love that thing.)

Bam went to YW Camp.
(c) Laurie Meredith, 2014.

Our ward YW at dinner/camp. (That HORSEHEAD!)

Bam owns her camp fashion.

Woodworking project at camp.

Jr at camp. AWESOME CAMP!

More Indiana sunsets.

Tending our friend's baby--and we LOVE HER GUTS!

Our garden is still growin'.


Elder Meehan is doing great. Wearing his "couch tie" here.

Working on his second year as a full-time missionary. We are so thankful for this opportunity.
It's been life-changing for him/us.

PS: Just for fun, thought I'd track this summer's fun ...

Dentist Appointments = 9
Doctor Visits = 10
Urgent Care Visits = 1
Pool Days = 10