Thursday, July 24, 2014

Horses Horses Horses ...

Zee Meehan Family Heirloom Horse Head Mask ... at Scout Camp.

Posting a day early this week because tomorrow I'll be on a plane heading to Tennessee for Keith and Whitney's wedding (from my tribe on Survivor South Pacific).

So my point!
I have one thing to say this week: 


I'm telling you this is the best $12.00 I have ever spent. (Well, it's actually a tie between the horse head mask and the crib mattress we bought at a yard sale so the kids could mattress surf down the stairs. But that's a whole other post!) So far the horse head has been to Girls Camp and Scout Camp ... which just cracks me up.

Happy Weekend!

The Polar Plunge at Jr's Scout Camp last week.

Morning ceremonies.

More horsing around. (I know, see why it is so fun--the cliches are endless!)

More Scout Camp.
PS: Girls are there. What the what?

After the Polar Plunge.

Bam and her church youth group at a thrift store last night.

Last Friday we went to an annual Family Day/Field Trip at Dave's work--Adobe.
It was awesome.

Before we left for the Family Day.

At Family Day. (Jr was at camp, so Dave was with a full-female crew!)

The fam at the Adobe Building--which is a phenomenal building. Rock climbing wall, beautiful restaurant, game rooms ....

Lu before the Family Day.

Me at Lu at Adobe.

Is this the coolest water cooler ever? (That's a big spongey cup cover!)

Photo booth time.


Members of the Olympic ski team. Well, one of the teams.

Zu before Family Day.

Getting their portrait drawn.

"Swimming" with friends.

More friends.

A birthday party for the sisters/women in my local congregation/ward. It was AWESOME. An Olive-Garden "style" dinner. So fun. Someone made these cupcakes after seeing a pin on Pinterest. I'm telling you: Mormons + Pinterest = TROUBLE.

Da party.

My ward family.

The newest member of my friend Marthe's fam.


Oh, and Elder Meehan is doing great--though it sounds like he's had some bike trouble. And bikes are a pretty important part of the Mormon Missionary's daily life. Hopefully it gets repaired soon.

PS: I had this photo booklet made using the photos from my iPhone. There was an app for it. It seemed really neat when I read about it (magazine), so I went for it. I'm totally impressed: 40 photos for $26.00 with shipping.