Friday, August 15, 2014

Two Horseheads Are Better Than One

Jr and our nephew--who visited a week ago.
It's been forever since I've blogged (I think since Whitney/Keith's wedding?) . . . 

but I'm STILL not ready to get back to consistent posting.

I'm stuck in "The Final Days of Summer" mode and I love it. Summer has been SO fun. (No major trips, but just beautiful weather and freetime.)

So, today I thought I'd at least post 3 family photos--with a promise to myself that to begin posting regularly once the kids are back in school (which is pretty shortly).

Hope you are having a 'smarvelous summer.



PS: Keith and Whitney's wedding was beautiful and it was great to see the old Savaii tribe!

Saying goodbye to a missionary who served in our area while he was awaiting his visa.
We heart him. Great young man. On his way to Brazil.
(PS: I like the ketchup bottle in the frame.)

Elder Meehan, saying goodbye to some members in Bloomington
(fun to think that HE is THAT missionary for other families--like our missionaries are to us).