Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sweet 16!

Jr. and Dad at the Salt Lake Real (soccer) game last Saturday.

I'm not sure how this is possible, but as of TOMORROW Jr. is officially 16 years old.
You know what that means, right? He's going to be the 4th Meehan kiddo to drive!
(Psst: Dave and I are dyin' here. Two-thirds of our kids drive. It's nuts--just ask our insurance agent.)
We are super excited to celebrate Jr.'s bday, so we kicked off the Sweet 16 festivities with a Bowling/Laser-Tag/Frisbee/Glow-In-The-Dark Soccer/Pizza Party last Friday. It was SO fun. Jr. has a great group of friends. And aside from taking a Frisbee to the lip, I think Jr. would say it was a pretty PERFET NIGHT.
Happy Birthday Jr. We love you!
Jr. and two friends (brothers) he's known since he was 10.

The whole gang.

Meanwhile ... on a lane nearby, Zu and Lu and their friend bowled.

Papaya and Bam tended our favorite neighbor and bambino McK.


(Funny sidenote: see that the teens all stand, right? Even when others are bowling.)

McK bowled with some help from Zu and Lu.

Jr.'s friend, K--who bowled with his phone up to his ear. For reals.

Getting ready for laser-tag. Baby McK.

Jay and Lauryn--at the Salt Lake Temple.
(They were at the party, too, but not in the pics because they were getting the pizzas.)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bowling With The Stars

One thing I love about our church is that there are weekly activities for the young men and young women (teens). 

The leaders who work with these groups are AMAZING. Truly amazing. They not only plan and attend activities, camps, and Sunday School lessons, but they are awesome examples and mentors for our kids. 

I'm so thankful for these leaders and the activities they host. Today they took the YW (young women's group) bowling and it was SO fun!
PS: Jr went along for moral support. (Uh-huh--that's why he went. It had nothing to do with the 20+ teenage girls that were there.)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Family Night

It's been so fun to have Jonah home from his mission. After two years away, I'd forgotten how funny he can be. He's kind of like our own Jim Carrey--full of impersonations, wild facial expressions, and pranks. Our home has been completely different since he returned.

As our family gets older (especially Dave and I), and kids' social lives extend way beyond our family circle, nights like this seem pretty special. 

PS: we need a selfie pole; Dave was our photographer and not in the pic. ��

PPS: Jonah brought a friend for FHE last night and we loved meeting her.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Three Down ... Three To Go!

Today was a super exciting day:

Bam got her Driver's License!

We now have 3 "kids" who drive (and 1 more who will drive in a month). 

TRANSLATION = We need an Insurance Fairy over here because 3/4 of the Meehan Gang will be driving come September. 

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Moving, NeYoda Is

Yesterday our dear friends John and Neola moved back to their home state of Nevada. 

During the past 9 years, Neola has been a friend, sister, and mentor to me. (We even began calling her "NeYoda" because she taught us so each much.)

I ❤️ NeYoda:

--She was my workout partner (and worked out longer and harder than me). 

--She gave me notes and quotes from books she'd read (and then typed them up and put them in a binder). 

--She tended Zu and Lu while Dave and I were in Samoa (for Survivor).

--Anytime a kiddo would go to visit her, she had soda pop and candy stocked in the fridge. 

--In winter she gave Jr and Jonah jobs shoveling snow.

--She celebrated bdays with cards and cake. 

--And as she battled and beat leukemia two years ago, she taught us "we CAN do hard things." 

I'm so thankful for this season of life living near NeYoda and John. They are special people. 

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Ketchup: May-Aug '15

Jonah and me--a month after his mission homecoming.
Soooooo much has been going on in our family these past few months!
We have had the highest of highs: our son returning from his service mission, birthdays, summer fun ...
and we have had the lowest of lows: Bam in the hospital twice, two kids with severe mono, sports injuries (Dave and I are getting old--hahaha), allergic reactions to wonky shots, and your typical family-of-eight chaos.
But we're good now. Today.
And so, I thought it would be best to post all of the photos from the last blip of time in one post (if only so our kids have a journal of this time).
PS: I tried to emphasize the highs vs. the lows. It's always weird to photograph the hard stuff. Who wants a 2-D color reminder of that?

Selfie: Zu and her friend.

Zu (she edited it--I love this).

Selfie: CityKitty and me
(PS: She "gets" one mouse a day. Literally.
We are at something like 95 mice in the last few months. How do I know? She brings them to our porch.)

Elder Meehan--in Indiana with some special church members there. A second family to him.

Harriet and CityKitty.

Skyping with Elder Meehan on Mother's Day.

I started walking every morning--and the Oquirrh Mountain Temple is on my route.

Elders Meehan and Bullock--in their last area.

Lu's least favorite thing to do.

Harriet's FAVORITE thing to do. (Again, Zu edited.)

Youth 5K Walk.

Youth 5K walk--Bam and her YW leader and good friend.

We heart our neighbors. We asked to borrow a popcorn maker and this is what we got!

Trying to eat more healthy: making zucchini noodles.


I needed to post these even though I don't have the originals.
 Taken about 20 days after we were placed (adoption) with baby Zu.

More pix of Zu as an itty-bitty. These were taken on her blessing day at church.

Our ward in Chino Hills gave Zu (and me!) a shower. It was so kind.

I've made a lot of bread this summer, but not as much as usual. It's been a busy busy season.

The front door countdown to Elder Meehan's return.

Mother-Daughter "campout"--in our backyard
(while Dave and Jr. went on a Father/Son campout with our ward.)

Pretend you didn't see that firestarter. LOL. (Now that I'm not on an island, I rarely use flint.)

Elder Meehan as the "Runicorn" doing service at The Color Run in Indiana.

Saying goodbye to families before leaving his mission, Elder Meehan.

Best gift ever: Michael Snow (from Survivor 26) sent me BREAD while he was in bread classes in New York.

Morning walk.

Going to the Temple on Lu's bday.

Lu's new hairdo. (Some color.)

One of our neighbors went on vacation and asked us to "please pick her berries and eat them" while she was away.
Uh, okay!


Lu and raspberry picking.

Bam, Zu, Lu, and Papaya picking raspberries.

Lu's 12th bday party.

One of sweetest bday gifts (Lu's friend made this).

Spa night with friends/Lu's bday.

Lu's actual bday morning.

Her favorite cake: Costco CHOCOATE-FOR-DAYS cake.

Dave built some garden boxes. Yay!

Jr--just before heading out on a Pioneer Trek (3-day handcart pull in Wyoming).


Bam got this when she graduated--from a sweet friend.

Elder Meehan and one of our favorite Indiana sisters: Sis B. (He was able to baptize her.)

Missionaries at the Indianapolis Indiana Temple!

Elder Meehan with a previous companion from his mission. (Who had been released.)

Saying goodbye to beautiful people in Indiana.

Sis E's raspberries.

Making Welcome Home signs for Elder Meehan--the night before he returned
(Jr had grown out his hair so that Elder Meehan could cut it).

Waiting at the airport. Harriet and Janae's kiddos went also.

Janae's daughter made this sign.


Add caption

First hug--just after he came down the stairs from his flight.

Elders Meehan and Bullock.

Seeing Janae's daughter, M, once he got home.

First day "home" after being released as a full-time missionary.

The last day of Bam's second hospital stay.

Last night on his mission: Elder Meehan at the Mission Home with other missionaries also completing their missions.

Jr. and his friend--of to Scout Camp (his friend broke both arms longboarding).

Zu got a haircut! And now she can wear a hat for the first time in her life!

Zu and Lu.

Elder Meehan and Elder Lassig--who grew up together
(Elder Lassig went to Uganda on his mission, and returned a week after Jonah).

All of our girls went to Girls Camp this year (church camp).

Papaya and other friends at camp.

Jonah's homecoming talk at church. (With Sis Herzog--who also served at same time as him).

After church: "Elder Meehan's homecoming" party.

Bam with one of our favorite babies.

Morning walk: on my 45th birthday.

Homecoming for 2 of Jonah's friends (all of these young men returned this summer).

First cucumber of season.

Zu is teaching herself guitar.

Laser tag.

Our newest summer activity.