Saturday, May 16, 2015

Rainy Days and Blogging

It's raining here today, so it seemed like the perfect day to get somewhat caught up on the last month of blogging/journaling.
Here's the quick list of Highs and Lows since I last wrote (which was around April-ish)"
--We went to our best friends' daughter's wedding. Beautiful!
--A semester at BYU came to an end.
--We celebrated Mother's Day with a phone call from Elder Meehan (who only has about 7 weeks left on his mission!).
--Dave got a new mountain bike from Adobe (to celebrate his 5th year with the company).
--I baked a lot of bread.
--Jr got his first job (at a pizza place!).
--We've cut back on the amount of sugar our family is eating. (This is both a high and a low--haha).

--We've been indoors a little more than usual (3 of our kids have had a virus that just won't go away).
--We spent some a lot of time with an allergists, learning that Lu and Bam have some pretty awesome allergies.
And that is pretty much it. Hopefully I will write more regularly now that the school year is over for BYU.

Have a great weekend.
Walking near our home.

Same trail with new spring geese. Seems like a lot of babies ... no?

Dave and I at Kayla's wedding in the Ogden Temple.

Harriet and I on a walk--stand-off. She's not the friendliest dog on the trails.

Dave riding his new mountain bike around the lake (Adobe sent him this for his 5 year anniversary!).

Elder Meehan and his current companion (only 7 weeks left!).

Indiana sunset.

Elder Meehan and the big group of missionaries in Indiana Indianapolis Mission.

Transfer day.

Jr at a carnival/service auction at our ward.

Deep fried everything!

Papaya taking tickets with her YW leader.

Zu and one of the YM making balloon animals.

Bam made this really cute Baymax painting that was auctioned off to this art collector!

Mother's Day Phone Call to Elder Meehan (We get a call on Mother's Day and on Christmas Day--this was our last one for his mission--next time we talk will be at the airport when he RETURNS!).

Elder Meehan and his companion on a visit.

Elder Meehan doing service at a food bank.

Elder Meehan and his companion doing service at a senior citizen home.

A beautiful baptism day for a young boy in Elder Meehan's area (this young boy's family have spoiled the missionaries!).

Bam's new hair.

Mother's Day flower from Zu.

My new favorite tortillas: teeny tortillas (4 inch).

Last week Harriet and I walked around the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. It was beautiful.

Harriet and CityKitty. (Harriet's getting edgy in her old age).

Elder Meehan and the beautiful Restivo family from Indiana. (A second family to him on his mission.)


Saturday, April 04, 2015

Bam's Birthday SURPRISE: Friends, Chinese Food, Painting, a Little Burrow, and a CUP-cake!

Bam's version of a CUP-cake--only frosting, no cake.

Bam's birthday is a few days away, so we thought we would get a jump start on it and have a small SURPRISE party for her last Thursday.

She was surprised--and maybe a little confused (we had told her she was going to the mall with Papaya)--but once she realized what was going on, she was pretty happy!

We had a great night with two of her BFFs: C and C (and Papaya).

--They painted at a paint-your-own-pottery place.

--They went for Chinese food (and ordered food that they thought the knew ... but didn't).

--And then they came to our home for a tiny piñata (burrow filled with skittles) and cupcakes/dessert with the family.

Bam has never had a surprise party before, so I am glad we were able to sneak one in before she turns 30!

Love you, Bam. Happy almost-Birthday. You make our lives so fun, beautiful, and meaningful. And boy are you a kind, creative soul. XOXOX

Bam and Papaya a few minutes after they arrived.

Just after she arrived: C and C, Bam, and Papaya.

Picking out the pottery they want to paint (so many choices).

Still choosing . . .

Best art-studio ever.

If I ever make a mug--this will be IT. It holds a drink on the top and cookies in the bottom!

I feel like I would need 30 of these in order to crack me up. A fleet of penguins.


C's ice cream dish.

Bam's black cat.

Papaya's ice cream dish.

C's ice cream dish.

I think what I appreciate most about watching them paint, was realizing they have a sense of color and tone that I just don't have. I would probably paint my bowl YELLOW. As in solid.

Actual cupcakes.

I wish I would say this was a made-up age . . . but nope!

And the little burrow. My absolute favorite piñata on the planet.


Thursday, April 02, 2015



I know, I know ...

I've fallen off the Daily Blog Train.


Last time I wrote it was nearly our daughter Papaya's 16th birthday. Our son, Elder Meehan, was about 4 months away from the completion of his church service mission. And non of our teenagers could drive solo.

Wow have things changed!

--Papaya had a great 16th bday, passed her drivers exam, and is now driving.

--Elder Meehan now has a departure date from his mission. We will see him before July 1 (after 2 years of not seeing him!).

--Bam turns 18 this month and passed her permit exam (She wasn't super hip on driving earlier--which was great by us. LOL).

--Jr. passed his permit exam and will be driving by November.

--Zu and Lu are still loving school (minus grammar), playing a lot of volleyball, and starting to do things without their mom and dad (Ahhhhhh! They are growing up!).

--Dave and I are good overall. We decided March 1 we needed to eat a lot healthier, so he I created a goal competition to get us excited about it--and here it is April 2 and we are still going strong (very few carbs, lean protein, and as little sugar as possible). Yay us! (Just a side note: Since the last time I'd played Survivor I seriously let my health and fitness go. I gained weight--around 30lbs--felt yucky, and super stressed all the time. I'm so grateful to be getting out of that/this rut.)

--My BFF Janae (who has Lou Gehrig's/ALS) went skiing! It is awesome (see pics below).

--And on the kinda crummy side:

I forgot to give the university my availability for teaching summer school ... so it looks like I'll be taking a very LONG summer vacation this year. I've had 4--count them 4--interactions with our local police this month. And did I mention I'm eating very little sugar? I know these are minor in the scheme of things, but WOW, COULD I USE A CADBERRY EGG RIGHT NOW!

Happy Easter weekend to you and your family!

Harriet is missing Elder Meehan
(they spent a lot of time together before his mission and we definitely notice a difference in her personality since he's been on his mission).

Bam reminds me to take Harriet with us whenever possible--because that is something that cheers her up.
It's pretty hilarious (PS: Bam is a passenger, not driving.)

Our family said goodbye to one of the most amazing leaders we have had at church. He's career military and off to South Korea. We will miss him.

We wore blue ribbons to support Rare Diseases week. (In honor of a friend's bambino.)

Bam with her denim ribbon.

My favorite piñata ever: miniature.

Papaya's bday.

Papaya's bday.

Janae's day of skiing (middle).

Janae and her beautiful family.

Bam and Dave at the play Mama Mia.

Janae skiing with the adaptive ski-instructor.

Greenish bread for St. Paddy's Day.

A great Relief Society activity last month.

We still don't know what it is/was. One day while I was at work I asked Dave to put in a dinner I had premade.
He wrote me about 5 minutes into the prep and said, "what did you leave in the oven?"
Best part: No idea. My brain is so full of info, I have no idea. But I do know it is done!


Bam after she passed her permit test.

Jr. after he passed his permit test. (PS: I was at the DMV 3 times in 5 days with Papaya, Bam and Jr. Pray for our insurance to have a discount of some sort.)

Goal for April.

What it's like to be the only boy in the house while your brother is on a mission.

Chocolate spa time.

Zu decided against the chocolate.

Neighborhood Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt.

Zee Egg Hunt.

The teenagers had an Amazing Race kinda Egg Hunt. Only one basket to find--clues and challenges along the way.

Janae just sent me this photo of Zu and her daughter C-bear when they were small.
I'm dying!

Bam and Papaya with our favorite McK bambino.

A photo from Elder Meehan with an update on the Indianapolis LDS Temple (opens July 21 for public tours).